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1 Timoty 5 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Older An Younga Guys An Wahines Inside Da Church

No scold da older guys, but talk to dem wit good kine words, jalike dey yoa fadda. Same ting, da younga guys, talk to dem jalike dey yoa bruddas. Same ting, da older wahines, talk to dem jalike dey yoa muddas. An same ting, da younga wahines, jalike dey yoa sistas, an do um wit clean heart.

Da Widows

Kokua da widows dat no mo ohana notting, an show respeck fo dem. But if one widow get kids o grankids, da kids suppose to know fo show respeck fo dea own widow guys in front God. Now da kids suppose to take care dea mudda guys an granmudda guys too, jalike how da mudda an granmudda guys wen take care dem small kid time. Dass how God like. Da widow dat no mo ohana, she gotta trus God, so she stay praying an aksing God day an nite everytime fo kokua her. But da widow dat like live ony any kine da way she like, no matta she stay alive, but inside, jalike she mahke awready. Tell da peopo dat dis da stuff dey gotta do. Den nobody can blame um fo notting. If get somebody dat no take care his ohana, an even mo his own mudda an fadda, wife, kids, dass jalike he bag an say he donno God. He mo worse den da guy dat no trus God notting.

No write one widowʼs name on top da church widow list till she sixty years old, an ony if she wen stick wit one husban, 10 if everybody say she wen do good kine tings, if she wen take care her kids, if she wen let peopo she donno from far away come her house fo stay litto wile, if she wen wash da dirt off da feet fo da peopo dat stay spesho fo God, if she wen help da peopo dat get hard time, an she wen go all out fo do all kine good tings.

11 An all da younga widow guys, no write dea name on top da church list too. Bumbye, dey goin turn away from Christ, an come wild fo marry one mo time, 12 an go broke dea first promise to God. Den dey get da blame fo making lidat. 13 Den dey come lazy. Dey go holoholo from one house to anodda. Dey not ony lazy, dey like talk plenny bout everybody an dey niele. Dey talk bout stuff dey not suppose to. 14 So I tink, mo betta fo da younga widows marry one mo time, an get kids, an take care dea own ohana. Den da peopo dat stay agains us no can talk stink. 15 You know, awready get some widows dat wen go da wrong way an stay doing wat da Devil like. 16 If get one wahine dat trus God, an she get widows inside her ohana, she gotta kokua dem. No good da church guys do dat. Mo betta da church guys kokua da widows dat no mo ohana notting.

Da Older Leada Guys

17 Da older leada guys dat do good job fo da church, good everybody show dem double respeck. An even mo respeck fo da guys dat work hard an teach wat God say. 18 Cuz da Bible say, “Wen da cow stay working fo smash da wheat so you can take out da junks, no go tie up his mout so he no can eat da wheat.” An, “Da worka guy suppose to get da pay fo wat he do.” 19 No listen if somebody poin finga one older leada. Ony listen if two o three peopo say dey wen see um happen. 20 Anybody dat still yet stay doing bad kine stuff, tell um wat dey doing stay wrong in front all da odda church peopo. Den everybody goin be scared fo ack lidat.

21 In front God, Jesus Christ, an da angel guys God wen pick, I tell you dis: Do all dis tings. No ony make some peopo do um an same time let odda peopo no do um. 22 No put yoa hands on top somebody fo show you wen pick um fo go work fo God, if you neva check um out real good first. If you neva, you goin say “dass good” bout da bad kine stuff da guy doing. Make shua you stay clean inside.

23 Eh, no drink ony water, wen yoa stomach no stay feel good an you come sick plenny times. Drink litto bit wine fo help um.

24 Some guys do bad kine stuff an everybody know, even befo dey stand in front da judge. But get odda guys do bad kine stuff, an nobody find out till afta. 25 Same ting, sometimes you goin do good kine stuff an everybody goin see um. An odda times you goin do good kine stuff, an nobody goin see um, but bumbye dey goin see um.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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