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1 Timoty 2 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Tell Peopo Fo Pray

First, I tell da peopo fo pray fo everybody, fo everyting dey need. Dis wat I tell um: Go aks God fo wateva you guys need. Make shua you guys pray to him wit respeck. Aks him fo do good tings fo odda peopo. Tell God, “Mahalo plenny!” Pray lidat fo da kings an all da odda leada guys, so we can stay good everytime, an our heart stay rest inside. Den mo easy fo do da way God like, an fo be solid kine peopo, so dat da odda peopo get respeck fo us guys. Dat stay good, an dass wat God like. He da One dat take us outa da bad kine stuff. He like take all da peopo outa da bad kine stuff dey doing, an he like dem come fo know da true stuff.

Ony get one God.
    Ony get one Guy dat bring God an da peopo togedda.
Dat Guy, he go talk to God fo us.
    He da Spesho Guy God Wen Send
Dass Jesus!
    Jesus wen give himself fo mahke fo everybody,
Fo pay da price fo cut dem loose from da bad kine stuff.
    Dat time, wen Jesus wen do dat,
Was da right time fo show peopo
    Dat God like everybody come outa da bad kine stuff dey doing.

Dass why God wen pick me, an send me all ova da place fo tell da Good Stuff to all da diffren peopos dat not Jews. He like me teach dem so dey can trus da true stuff. Eh, I no bulai. Wat I telling you stay true.

I like da peopo all ova da place fo pray. Wen dey pray, dey gotta be good an spesho fo God, an no make argue o stay mad at da odda guy. Den az okay fo dem put dea hands in da air fo pray.

Da Church Wahines

An I like da wahines fo ack da right way too. I like um dress good, an get respeck fo dea own self wen dey put on clotheses. Da good looks no come from fancy kine hairdo, o from put on fancy kine gold o pearl kine jewelry, o da kine clotheses dat cost plenny money. 10 Mo betta dey do good kine stuff fo odda peopo. Dass wat stay right fo da wahines dat stay tell peopo dat dey get respeck fo God. 11 Wen da teachas stay teach, mo betta da wahines ony listen an no talk. 12 Wen get one guy, I no let da wahines teach o be one boss. Dey gotta ony listen an no talk. 13 Cuz God wen make Adam first, an den he wen make Eve. 14 Da Devil neva trick Adam, but da Devil wen trick Eve big time. She da one wen broke Godʼs Rules. 15 But wen da wahines born babies, dey goin come out okay, if dey stay trus God, an show love an aloha fo everybody, an stay good an spesho fo God, an tink da right way.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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