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Aloha, Timoty! Dis letta from me, Paul. God wen tell me fo go all ova fo tell peopo da Good Stuff Bout Jesus Christ. God, he take us outa da bad kine stuff we do. Jesus, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send, all us guys stay wait fo see him an come jalike him.

You jalike my boy, an I jalike yoa fadda, fo real kine, cuz I wen help you fo trus God. God our Fadda, an Jesus Christ our Good Boss, I like dem fo do plenny good stuffs fo you wit aloha, an give you chance, an make yoa heart rest inside.

Watch Out! Get Guys Dat Teach Da Kine Stuff Dass Not Right

I telling you now, jalike I wen tell you wen I wen go way from you befo, an wen go Macedonia side: Stay ova dea inside Efesus town. Get guys ova dea dat teach da kine stuff dass not right. Tell um, “You guys betta not teach lidat! No good you listen everytime to any kine stories, o who yoa ancesta guys stay.” Wen peopo go tink bout dat kine stuff long time, dey ony goin like make argue. Dat no goin help peopo notting fo do da job God like um fo do. Fo do dat, gotta trus him.

Teach peopo so dey can learn how fo show love an aloha fo odda peopo. If dey get clean heart inside, an know dey doing da right ting, an trus God fo real kine an no ack, den can get love an aloha. But some a dem guys, dea tinking get jam up. Dass why dey talk rubbish. Ony wase time wat dey say. Dey like be teachas, fo teach Godʼs Rules, but dey no undastan wat dey teaching. Dey talk jalike wat dey say stay true, but still yet dey no undastan um.

All us guys know dis: Godʼs Rules stay good! Ony gotta do um da right way, jalike da Rules say. We know Godʼs Rules not fo da peopo who everytime do da right ting. Get da Rules fo da peopo dat like broke um, da peopo dat no like listen, da peopo dat ack jalike God notting, da peopo dat do bad kine stuff, da peopo dat no stay clean inside, da peopo dat talk stink bout God, da peopo dat kill dea fadda guys an mudda guys an odda peopo. 10 Get Godʼs Rules fo da peopo dat go fool aroun, fo da mahus, fo da peopo dat steal peopo fo make um slaves, da bulaia peopo, da peopo dat bulai in front da judge, an any odda kine stuff dat stay agains da true teaching. Dass why us need Godʼs Rules. 11 Da true teaching come from da Good Stuff From God dat God wen trus me fo tell. An God, he da God dat stay awesome an good inside.

Jesus Give Me Chance

12 Our Boss Jesus, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send, I like tell him “Mahalo plenny!” fo give me da power so I can do all da stuff he wen give me fo do. Cuz he know he can trus me fo do um. 13 You know, befo time I wen talk evil kine stink an bulai bout God, an make his peopo suffa, an bus um up. But no matta, Jesus still yet wen give me chance, cuz I neva know wat I was doing, an I neva trus him dat time.

14 Our Boss, he wen do choke plenny good tings fo me. Now I stay tight wit Jesus Christ. Az why I can trus him, an I can show love an aloha jalike him. 15 Da stuff I telling you now stay true, an you can trus um: Godʼs Spesho Guy Jesus wen come hea inside dis world, fo take peopo outa da bad kine stuff dey doing. I da one wen do mo plenny bad kine stuff den all da odda peopo. 16 But Jesus Christ wen give me chance, no matta I wen do all dat bad kine stuff. Cuz he like use me fo show da odda peopo how he wait fo dem long time too. I jalike da numba one picha fo da peopo dat bumbye goin trus Jesus, an get da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva. 17 God, he da King foeva. He no can mahke. Nobody can see him fo real kine. He da ony God. Dass why us guys like tell him we get respeck fo him, an he stay awesome foeva an eva. Dass right!

Do Yoa Job!

18 Timoty, my boy! I stay trus you fo do all da stuff I stay telling you. Da guys dat wen talk fo God wen tell you dis befo: “Timoty, you da guy fo do da job.” From wat dey wen tell, you can fight an win ova da bad kine stuff, jalike one army guy dat do good job. 19 You gotta hang in dea an trus God, an make shua you know you doing da right ting. Get guys dat tink, “I no like trus God, an no bodda me if I not doing da right ting!” Dem guys, dey wipe out awready, jalike da boat dat wen eat it on top da reef. 20 Hymeneus an Alexander, dey wen make lidat. Az why I wen give um to da Devil fo take um. So dat bumbye dey can learn fo no talk stink bout God.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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