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Now de the ho Spirit pneuma clearly rhētōs says legō that hoti in en the last hysteros times kairos some tis of the ho faith pistis will apostatize aphistēmi by being devoted to prosechō deceitful planos spirits pneuma and kai teachings didaskalia of demons daimonion, by en the hypocrisy hypokrisis of liars pseudologos whose own idios consciences syneidēsis have been seared kaustēriazō, · ho forbidding kōlyō to marry gameō, demanding apechō abstinence from foods brōma that hos · ho God theos created ktizō to be eis received metalēmpsis with meta thanksgiving eucharistia by those ho who are faithful pistos and kai know epiginōskō the ho truth alētheia, since hoti all pas of God’ s theos creation ktisma is good kalos, and kai nothing oudeis is unclean apoblētos if it is received lambanō with meta thanksgiving eucharistia; for gar it is sanctified hagiazō through dia the word logos of God theos and kai prayer enteuxis.

By placing these things houtos before hypotithēmi the ho brethren adelphos, you will be eimi a good kalos servant diakonos of Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous, being trained entrephō by the ho words logos of the ho faith pistis and kai of the ho good kalos teaching didaskalia that hos you have followed parakoloutheō. But de reject paraiteomai the ho profane bebēlos and kai silly graōdēs myths mythos; rather de train gymnazō yourself seautou for pros godliness eusebeia; · ho for gar bodily sōmatikos exercise gymnasia is eimi of value ōphelimos for pros a little while oligos, · ho but de godliness eusebeia is eimi of value ōphelimos for pros all pas things because it holds echō a promise epangelia for the ho present nyn life zōē and kai for the ho coming mellō life. Trustworthy pistos is the ho saying logos and kai worthy axios of complete pas acceptance apodochē, 10 for gar with respect to eis this houtos reason we are toiling kopiaō and kai struggling agōnizomai, since hoti, “ We have placed our hope elpizō in epi the living zaō God theos, who hos is eimi the Savior sōtēr of all pas people anthrōpos, particularly malista of those who believe pistos.”

11 Command parangellō and kai teach didaskō these things houtos. 12 Let kataphroneō no one mēdeis treat kataphroneō you contemptuously kataphroneō because of your sy · ho youth neotēs, but alla be ginomai an example typos for the ho faithful pistos in en speech logos, in en conduct anastrophē, in en love agapē, in en faith pistis, in en purity hagneia. 13 Until heōs I come erchomai, be devoted prosechō to the ho reading anagnōsis of Scripture, to the ho exhortation paraklēsis, to the ho teaching didaskalia. 14 Do not neglect ameleō the ho gift charisma that is in en you sy, which hos was given didōmi to you sy through dia prophecy prophēteia with meta the laying epithesis on of the ho hands cheir of the ho body of elders presbyterion. 15 Continually practice meletaō these things houtos, immerse yourself eimi in en them houtos, so that hina your sy · ho progress prokopē might be eimi visible phaneros to all pas. 16 Watch epechō yourself seautou and kai the ho teaching didaskalia; be persistent epimenō in them autos; for gar by so houtos doing poieō you will save sōzō both kai yourself seautou and kai those ho hearing akouō you sy.

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