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1 Thessalonians 4 Expanded Bible (EXB)

A Life that Pleases God

[L Finally; or Now then; Furthermore] Brothers and sisters, we taught you how to ·live [walk] in a way that will please God, and you are living that way. Now we ask and ·encourage [urge; appeal to] you in the Lord Jesus to ·live that way [excel; abound] even more. [L For] You know what ·we told [instructions/commands we gave] you to do ·by the authority of [L through] the Lord Jesus. ·God wants you to be holy and [or For this is God’s will, your sanctification:] to stay away from sexual sins. He wants each of you to ·learn to control your own body [or take a wife for yourself; or live with your own wife; L gain/possess his own vessel] in a way that is holy and honorable. ·Don’t use your body for sexual sin [L …not in lustful passion] like the ·people [L Gentiles] who do not know God. Also, do not ·wrong [exploit; transgress] or ·cheat [take advantage of] another ·Christian [L brother (or sister)] in this way. The Lord ·will punish people who do those [L is the avenger concerning these] things as we have already told you and ·warned [solemnly testified to] you. [L For] God did not call us to ·a life of sin [L impurity], but to holiness. ·So [Therefore] the person who ·refuses to obey [disregards; rejects; despises] this teaching is not simply ·disobeying [disregarding; rejecting; despising] ·a human being [human authority], but God, who gives you his Holy Spirit.

We do not need to write you about ·having love for your Christian family [L brotherly love], because God has already taught you to love each other. 10 And truly you do love the ·Christians [L brothers (and sisters)] in all of Macedonia [1:7]. Now we encourage you, brothers and sisters, to ·love them [excel; abound; v. 1] even more. 11 ·Do all you can […and to aspire] to live a peaceful life. ·Take care of [Attend to; Mind] your own business, and ·do your own work [L work with your hands] as we have already ·told [instructed; commanded] you. 12 If you do, then you will ·win the respect of [or live a respectable/proper life before] ·unbelievers [L outsiders], and you will not have to depend on others for what you need.

The Lord’s Coming

13 Brothers and sisters, we ·want you to know [do not want you to be uninformed] about those ·Christians who have died [L who sleep; C a euphemism for death] so you will not ·be sad [grieve], as ·others [L the rest] who have no hope. 14 [L For] We believe that Jesus died and that he rose again. ·So, through him, God will raise with Jesus those who have died [or So God will bring with Jesus those who have died/L fallen asleep in him]. 15 What we tell you now is ·the Lord’s own message [L by the word of the Lord]. We who are ·living [still alive] when the Lord comes again will [L certainly; surely] not go before those who have ·already died [L fallen asleep]. 16 The Lord himself will come down from heaven with a loud ·command [or shout], ·with [or accompanied by; or preceded by] the voice of the archangel [C a leading or ruling angel; Dan. 10:13; Jude 9], and with the trumpet call of God. And ·those who have died believing [L the dead] in Christ will rise first [1 Cor. 15:51–57]. 17 After that, we who are ·still alive [or alive and are left] will be ·gathered [caught; taken] up with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And [L so; in this way] we will be with the Lord forever. 18 So ·encourage [comfort] each other with these words.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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