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For gar you yourselves autos know oida, brothers adelphos, that hoti · ho our hēmeis coming eisodos · ho to pros you hymeis was ginomai not ou in vain kenos. We had previously suffered propaschō and kai been shamefully treated hybrizō in en Philippi Philippoi, as kathōs you know oida, but alla we had the courage parrēsiazomai in en · ho our hēmeis God theos to declare laleō to pros you hymeis the ho gospel euangelion of ho God theos in en spite of great polys opposition agōn. · ho For gar our hēmeis appeal paraklēsis was not ou based ek on deceit planē, nor oude did it rise from ek impure motives akatharsia or oude by way of en trickery dolos, but alla just as kathōs we have been approved dokimazō by hypo · ho God theos to be entrusted pisteuō with the ho gospel euangelion, so houtōs we speak laleō, not ou to hōs please areskō man anthrōpos, but alla God theos who ho tests dokimazō · ho our hēmeis hearts kardia.

For gar we ginomai never oute came ginomai with en flattering kolakeia speech logos, as kathōs you know oida, or oute with en a pretext prophasis for greed pleonexia God theos is our witness martys. Neither oute did we seek zēteō praise doxa from ek men anthrōpos, whether oute from apo you hymeis or oute from apo others allos. Although we could dynamai have made eimi demands en baros as hōs apostles apostolos of Christ Christos, we were ginomai gentle nēpios among en mesos you hymeis, like hōs ean a mother trophos tenderly nursing thalpō · ho her own heautou children teknon. So houtōs deep was our affection homeiromai for you hymeis that we were pleased eudokeō to share metadidōmi with you hymeis not ou only monon the ho gospel euangelion of ho God theos but alla · ho our own heautou selves psychē as well kai, so dioti dear agapētos had you become ginomai to us hēmeis.

For gar you recall mnēmoneuō, brothers adelphos, · ho our hēmeis labor kopos and kai · ho toil mochthos. We worked ergazomai night nyx and kai day hēmera so as pros not to become a burden epibareō to any tis of you hymeis, while proclaiming kēryssō to eis you hymeis the ho gospel euangelion of ho God theos. 10 You hymeis are witnesses martys, and kai so is · ho God theos, how hōs devout hosiōs, · kai upright dikaiōs, and kai blameless amemptōs was our conduct ginomai toward you hymeis · ho believers pisteuō 11 how kathaper, as hōs you know oida, we treated each hekastos one heis of you hymeis as hōs a father patēr would treat his own heautou children teknon. 12 So we exhorted parakaleō you hymeis, · kai encouraged paramytheomai you, and kai charged martyreō you to eis · ho conduct peripateō yourselves hymeis in a manner worthy axiōs of ho God theos, who ho calls kaleō you hymeis into eis · ho his own heautou kingdom basileia and kai glory doxa.

13 And kai for dia this houtos reason we hēmeis also kai constantly adialeiptōs thank eucharisteō · ho God theos, that hoti when you received paralambanō the word logos of ho God theos which you heard akoē from para us hēmeis, you accepted dechomai it not ou as a human anthrōpos word logos, but alla as kathōs it truly alēthōs is eimi, the word logos of God theos, which hos even kai now is doing energeō its work in en you hymeis who ho believe pisteuō.

14 For gar you hymeis, brothers adelphos, became ginomai imitators mimētēs of the ho churches ekklēsia of ho God theos in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous which ho are eimi in en · ho Judea Ioudaia; because hoti you hymeis too kai suffered paschō the ho same autos things from hypo · ho your own idios countrymen symphyletēs, even as kathōs · kai they autos did from hypo the ho Jews Ioudaios, 15 who ho · kai killed apokteinō the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous and kai the ho prophets prophētēs, and kai have driven us hēmeis out ekdiōkō, · kai who are displeasing to God theos and kai oppose enantios all pas mankind anthrōpos, 16 who prevent kōlyō us hēmeis from speaking laleō to the ho Gentiles ethnos that hina they might be saved sōzō. Their goal eis has always pantote been to complete anaplēroō the full number of their autos · ho sins hamartia. But de God’s wrath orgē has caught up phthanō with epi them autos · ho at eis last telos!

17 As for de us hēmeis, brothers adelphos, when we were separated aporphanizō from apo you hymeis for pros a short kairos time hōra in person prosōpon but not ou in heart kardia we were all the more perissoterōs eager spoudazō, with en intense polys longing epithumia, to see you hymeis · ho in person prosōpon. 18 For dioti we wanted thelō to come erchomai to pros you hymeis I egō, Paul Paulos, · kai time hapax and kai again dis but kai Satan Satanas hindered enkoptō us hēmeis. · ho 19 For gar what tis is our hēmeis hope elpis, or ē joy chara, or ē crown stephanos of rejoicing kauchēsis before emprosthen · ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous at en · ho his autos coming parousia? Is it not ouchi indeed kai you hymeis? 20 Yes gar, you hymeis are eimi · ho our hēmeis glory doxa and kai · ho joy chara!