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We felt we could not wait any longer. So we thought it best to stay at the city of Athens alone.

And we sent our brother Timothy to you. He works for God by telling the good news about Christ. We sent him to help you be strong and to encourage you in what you believe.

We do not want anyone to give up because of the trouble. You yourselves know that we all will surely have trouble.

When we were with you, we told you that we would have trouble. Trouble came. And now you know what we said is true.

That is why I could not wait any longer. I sent Timothy to find out if you were still believing. I was afraid that Satan had tried you too much. Then our work would have been for nothing.

But now Timothy has come back to us from you. He has brought us the good news that you are still believing and have love in your hearts. He has told us that you always remember us. He also told us that you want to see us, just as we want to see you.

My brothers, the way you believe has comforted us in all our troubles.

It gives us new life now to know that you are standing strong in the Lord.

We cannot thank God enough for you. We are very happy about you as we talk to God.

10 Night and day we ask God that we may see you face to face. We want to help you know more about what you believe.

11 Now may our God and Father himself, and our Lord Jesus, open the way for us to come to you.

12 May the Lord make you stronger in your love for each other. Love others in the way we love you.

13 We want the Lord to help you to stand strong. And then, when the Lord Jesus comes with all God's people, you will be holy in the eyes of our God and Father. He will see no fault in you.