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So dio when we could bear stegō it no longer mēketi, we decided eudokeō to remain behind kataleipō at en Athens alone monos, and kai we sent pempō Timothy Timotheos, · ho our hēmeis brother adelphos and kai coworker synergos for ho God theos in en the ho gospel euangelion of ho Christ Christos, to eis establish stērizō and kai encourage parakaleō you hymeis in hyper · ho your hymeis faith pistis, so ho that no one mēdeis would be moved sainō by en · ho these houtos afflictions thlipsis. For gar you yourselves autos know oida that hoti we were destined keimai for eis this houtos. · kai In fact gar, when hote we were eimi with pros you hymeis, we told prolegō you hymeis in advance that hoti we would mellō suffer persecution thlibō; even as kathōs · kai it has turned ginomai out , as kai you know oida. So because dia houtos I kagō could bear stegō it no longer mēketi, I sent pempō to eis find out ginōskō about ho your hymeis faith pistis; for fear that somehow pōs the ho tempter peirazō had tempted peirazō you hymeis and kai our hēmeis labor kopos had been ginomai in eis vain kenos. · ho

But de just now arti Timothy Timotheos has come erchomai to pros us hēmeis from apo you hymeis, and kai has brought us hēmeis the good news euangelizō of ho your faith pistis and kai · ho your hymeis love agapē; and kai that hoti you always pantote think mneia of us hēmeis with echō affection agathos and long epipotheō to see us hēmeis even as kathaper · kai we hēmeis long to see you hymeis. So dia houtos in epi all pas our hēmeis distress anankē and kai affliction thlipsis, brothers adelphos, we have been reassured parakaleō about epi you hymeis · ho by dia · ho your hymeis faith pistis. For hoti now nyn we live zaō, if ean you hymeis stand stēkō firm in en the Lord kyrios. For gar what tis thanksgiving eucharistia can we dynamai return antapodidōmi to ho God theos for peri you hymeis, for epi all pas the ho joy chara with which hos we rejoice chairō before emprosthen our hēmeis God theos because dia of you hymeis? · ho 10 Night nyx and kai day hēmera we pray deomai most earnestly hyperekperissou that eis we may see your hymeis · ho face prosōpon and kai supply katartizō what ho is lacking hysterēma in ho your hymeis faith pistis.

11 Now de may · ho our hēmeis God theos and kai Father patēr himself autos, and kai · ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous, direct kateuthunō · ho our hēmeis way hodos to pros you hymeis. 12 And de may the ho Lord kyrios cause you hymeis to increase pleonazō and kai abound perisseuō in ho love agapē for eis one another allēlōn and kai for eis all pas, even as kathaper · kai we hēmeis do for eis you hymeis, 13 so as to eis establish stērizō your hymeis · ho hearts kardia blameless amemptos in en holiness hagiōsynē before emprosthen · ho our hēmeis God theos and kai Father patēr, at en the ho coming parousia of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous with meta all pas · ho his autos saints hagios.

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