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11 how kathaper, as hōs you know oida, we treated each hekastos one heis of you hymeis as hōs a father patēr would treat his own heautou children teknon. 12 So we exhorted parakaleō you hymeis, · kai encouraged paramytheomai you, and kai charged martyreō you to eis · ho conduct peripateō yourselves hymeis in a manner worthy axiōs of ho God theos, who ho calls kaleō you hymeis into eis · ho his own heautou kingdom basileia and kai glory doxa.

13 And kai for dia this houtos reason we hēmeis also kai constantly adialeiptōs thank eucharisteō · ho God theos, that hoti when you received paralambanō the word logos of ho God theos which you heard akoē from para us hēmeis, you accepted dechomai it not ou as a human anthrōpos word logos, but alla as kathōs it truly alēthōs is eimi, the word logos of God theos, which hos even kai now is doing energeō its work in en you hymeis who ho believe pisteuō.

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