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Paul Paulos, · kai Silvanus Silouanos, and kai Timothy Timotheos, to the ho church ekklēsia of the Thessalonians Thessalonikeus in en God theos the Father patēr and kai the Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos: Grace charis to you hymeis and kai peace eirēnē.

We continually pantote give thanks eucharisteō to ho God theos for peri all pas of you hymeis, making poieō mention mneia of you in epi · ho our hēmeis prayers proseuchē, unceasingly adialeiptōs remembering mnēmoneuō before emprosthen our hēmeis God theos and kai Father patēr your hymeis · ho work ergon of ho faith pistis, · kai your ho labor kopos of ho love agapē and kai the ho steadfastness hypomonē of your ho hope elpis in ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos. · ho We know oida, brothers adelphos loved agapaō by hypo · ho God theos, that ho he has chosen eklogē you hymeis, because hoti · ho our hēmeis gospel euangelion did not ou come ginomai to eis you hymeis with en words logos only monon, but alla also kai with en power dynamis · kai with en the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma and kai full polys conviction plērophoria as kathōs you know oida what kind of hoios men we were ginomai among en you hymeis for dia your hymeis sakes.

And kai you hymeis became ginomai imitators mimētēs of us hēmeis and kai of the ho Lord kyrios, for you accepted dechomai the ho word logos in en the midst of much polys affliction thlipsis, with meta the joy chara of the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma. So hōste you hymeis became ginomai an example typos for all pas the ho believers pisteuō in en · ho Macedonia Makedonia and kai in en · ho Achaia Achaia. The ho word logos of the ho Lord kyrios has echoed forth exēcheō from apo you hymeis not ou only monon in en · ho Macedonia Makedonia and kai · ho Achaia Achaia, but alla in en every pas place topos · ho your hymeis faith pistis · ho in pros · ho God theos has become known exerchomai, so hōste we hēmeis have echō no need chreia to say laleō anything tis. For gar they apangellō themselves autos report apangellō regarding peri us hēmeis what kind of hopoios reception eisodos we had echō among pros you hymeis, and kai how pōs you turned epistrephō to pros · ho God theos from apo · ho idols eidōlon to serve douleuō the living zaō and kai true alēthinos God theos, 10 and kai to wait anamenō for · ho his autos Son hyios from ek · ho heaven ouranos, whom hos he raised egeirō from ek the ho dead nekros, Jesus Iēsous, · ho our hēmeis deliverer rhyomai from ek the ho coming erchomai wrath orgē. · ho

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