1 There was no manifest vision in the time of Eli. 4 The Lord calleth Samuel three times, 11 And showeth what shall come upon Eli and his house. 18 The same declareth Samuel to Eli.

Now the child Samuel ministered unto the Lord [a]before Eli: and the word of the Lord was [b]precious in those days: for there was no manifest vision.

And at that time, as Eli lay in his [c]place, his eyes began to wax dim that he could not see.

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  1. 1 Samuel 3:1 The Chaldea text readeth, while Eli lived.
  2. 1 Samuel 3:1 Because there were very few Prophets to declare it.
  3. 1 Samuel 3:2 In the Court next to the Tabernacle.

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