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1 Samuel 26:18-20 Expanded Bible (EXB)

18 David also said, “Why are you ·chasing me [pursuing your servant], my ·master [lord]? What wrong have I done? What ·evil [crime] ·am I guilty of [L is in my hand]? 19 My ·master [lord] and king, listen to me. If the Lord ·made you angry with [L stirred you up/incited you against] me, let him accept an offering. But if people did it, may the Lord curse them! They have ·made me leave [driven me out today from] ·the land the Lord gave me [L my share in the Lord’s inheritance/heritage]. They have told me, ‘Go and ·serve [worship] other gods.’ 20 Now don’t let ·me die [L my blood fall to the ground so] far away from the Lord’s presence. The king of Israel has come out looking for a [L single] flea! You’re just hunting a ·bird [L partridge] in the mountains!”

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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