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24 She fell at his feet and pleaded, “Your majesty, let the guilt be on me alone, and please let your servant[a] speak to you.[b] Listen to the words of your servant.[c] 25 Please, your majesty, don’t pay attention to this worthless man Nabal, for he’s just like his name. Nabal[d] is his name and folly is his constant companion. But I, your servant,[e] didn’t see your majesty’s young men whom you sent. 26 Now, your majesty, as the Lord lives and as you live, the Lord has kept you from shedding blood[f] and from delivering yourself by your own actions. Now, may your enemies and those seeking to do evil to your majesty be like Nabal.

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  1. 1 Samuel 25:24 Lit. maidservant
  2. 1 Samuel 25:24 Lit. speak in your ear
  3. 1 Samuel 25:24 Lit. maidservant
  4. 1 Samuel 25:25 Nabal means fool in Heb.
  5. 1 Samuel 25:25 Lit. maidservant
  6. 1 Samuel 25:26 Lit. coming with blood

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