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17 And the king said to (the) men able to be sent out (to do his bidding), that stood about him, Turn ye, and slay the priests of the Lord, for the hand of them is with David; and they knew that he fled, and they showed not to me. Soothly the servants of the king would not hold forth their hand into the priests of the Lord (But the king’s guards would not put their hands against the Lord’s priests).

18 And the king said to Doeg, Turn thou, and hurtle into the priests of the Lord. And Doeg of Idumea turned, and hurtled into the priests, and strangled in that day fourscore and five men, clothed with ephods of linen cloth, or linen priests’ capes (and killed eighty-five men that day, each of whom could carry the ephod).

19 Forsooth he smote Nob (And then he struck Nob), the city of the priests, by the sharpness of (the) sword, men and women, little children and (those) sucking, and ox, and ass, and sheep, (all) by the sharpness of (the) sword.

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