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43 And Saul said to Jonathan, Show thou to me, what thou didest. And Jonathan showed to him, and said, I tasting tasted a little of honey in the end of the rod, that was in mine hand; and lo! I die. (And Saul said to Jonathan, Tell thou to me, what thou didest. And Jonathan said to him, I tasted a little honey using the end of the rod that was in my hand; and lo! now I must die.)

44 And Saul said, God do to me these things, and add these things, for thou, Jonathan, shalt (indeed) die by death.

45 And the people said to Saul, Therefore whether Jonathan shall die, that did this great health in Israel? this is unleaveful; the Lord liveth; none hair of his head shall fall into the earth; for he hath wrought with God today. Therefore the people delivered Jonathan, that he died not. (And the people said to Saul, Should Jonathan truly die, he who hath won this great victory for Israel? Nay! this is unlawful; as the Lord liveth, there shall not fall to the ground one hair of his head, for he hath worked with God today. And so the people delivered Jonathan, so that he did not die.)

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