14 14 Jonathan and his armor bearer put the Philistines to flight. 24 Saul bindeth the people by an oath, not to eat till evening. 32 The people eat with the blood. 38 Saul would put Jonathan to death. 45 The people deliver him.

Then on a day Jonathan the son of Saul said unto the young man that bare his armor, [a]Come and let us go over toward the Philistines garrison, that is yonder on the other side, but he told not his father.

And Saul tarried in the border of Gibeah under a pomegranate tree, which was in Migron, and the people that were with him, were about six hundred men.

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  1. 1 Samuel 14:1 By this example God would declare to Israel that the victory did not consist in multitude or armor, but only came of his grace.