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14 1-3 and Saul was in Geba[a] with his six hundred men. Saul’s own tent was set up under a fruit tree[b] by the threshing place[c] at the edge of town. Ahijah was serving as priest, and one of his jobs was to get answers from the Lord for Saul. Ahijah’s father was Ahitub, and his father’s brother was Ichabod. Ahijah’s grandfather was Phinehas, and his great-grandfather Eli had been the Lord’s priest at Shiloh.

One day, Jonathan told the soldier who carried his weapons that he wanted to attack the Philistine camp on the other side of the valley. So they slipped out of the Israelite camp without anyone knowing it. Jonathan didn’t even tell his father he was leaving.

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  1. 14.1-3 Geba: Or “Gibeah.” In 13.16 and 14.5 the name “Geba” is used, while 14.2,16 have “Gibeah.” In ancient Hebrew writing there is only one letter different between the two words.
  2. 14.1-3 fruit tree: Hebrew “pomegranate tree.” A pomegranate is a bright red fruit that looks like an apple.
  3. 14.1-3 threshing place: Or “in Migron.”

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