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1 Samuel 14:46-48 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

46 Saul did not chase the Philistines. The Philistines went back to their place.

Saul Fights Israel’s Enemies

47 Saul took full control of Israel and fought all the enemies who lived around Israel. Saul fought Moab, the Ammonites, Edom, the king of Zobah, and the Philistines. He defeated Israel’s enemies wherever he went. 48 Saul was very brave. He saved Israel from all the enemies who tried to take things from the Israelites. He even defeated the Amalekites.

Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

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1 Samuel 14:46-48 New International Version (NIV)

46 Then Saul stopped pursuing the Philistines, and they withdrew to their own land.

47 After Saul had assumed rule over Israel, he fought against their enemies on every side: Moab, the Ammonites, Edom, the kings[a] of Zobah, and the Philistines. Wherever he turned, he inflicted punishment on them.[b] 48 He fought valiantly and defeated the Amalekites, delivering Israel from the hands of those who had plundered them.


  1. 1 Samuel 14:47 Masoretic Text; Dead Sea Scrolls and Septuagint king
  2. 1 Samuel 14:47 Hebrew; Septuagint he was victorious
New International Version (NIV)

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