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For to this end it[a] was announced-as-good-news even to the dead[b]: that they might be judged according-to[c] people in the flesh[d], but be living according to God in the spirit[e]. And[f] the end of all things has drawn-near.

So Be Sober In Prayer, Loving One Another, And Good Stewards of God’s Gifts To You

Therefore be sound-minded and be sober in[g] your prayers— above all, having fervent love for each other, because love covers a multitude of sins;

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  1. 1 Peter 4:6 That is, the gospel. Or, He; that is, Christ (as the judge in v 5; Act 17:31).
  2. 1 Peter 4:6 the dead... spirit. That is, to spiritually dead ones, that having become Christians, they might be judged in accordance with human standards while living on earth (and thus suffer for righteousness like Christ), but be living in accordance with God’s standards now and forever (continuing the main argument from v 1-4); or, to now dead Christians while they were still alive, that they might have been judged by human standards while on earth, but now be living with God as He desires, in accordance with His nature and likeness (continuing on from v 5).
  3. 1 Peter 4:6 Or, by way of, in keeping with.
  4. 1 Peter 4:6 That is, in the sphere of the flesh, in connection with mankind’s human fleshly nature.
  5. 1 Peter 4:6 Or, Spirit.
  6. 1 Peter 4:7 A final reason we should arm ourselves with this intention. Or, Now; the beginning of the next paragraph.
  7. 1 Peter 4:7 Or, for, for the purpose of.

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