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10 Each one hekastos should serve diakoneō others heautou in respect to kathōs the gift charisma he has received lambanō, as hōs a good kalos steward oikonomos of charis the grace charis of God theos in its various forms poikilos: 11 if ei someone tis speaks laleō, as hōs speaking the oracles logion of God theos; if ei someone tis serves diakoneō, as hōs by ek the strength ischus that hos God theos supplies chorēgeō · ho so that hina in en everything pas God theos may be glorified doxazō · ho through dia Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos. To him hos belong eimi · ho glory doxa and kai · ho power kratos for eis all ho time aiōn ho. · ho Amen amēn.

12 Dear friends agapētos, do not be surprised xenizō that a trial peirasmos by ho fire pyrōsis is taking place ginomai among en you hymeis, as hōs though something strange xenos were happening symbainō to you hymeis.

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