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19 in en which hos also kai he kēryssō went poreuō and proclaimed kēryssō to the ho spirits pneuma in en prison phylakē, 20 who once pote were disobedient apeitheō when hote the ho patience makrothumia of ho God theos waited apekdechomai in en the days hēmera of Noah Nōe while the ark kibōtos was being built kataskeuazō, in eis which hos a few oligos, that houtos is eimi eight oktō souls psychē, were brought safely diasōzō through dia water hydōr. 21 This water prefigures antitypos baptism baptisma, which hos · kai now nyn saves sōzō you hymeis not ou the removal apothesis of dirt rhypos from the body sarx but alla the answer eperōtēma of a good agathos conscience syneidēsis to eis God theos by dia the resurrection anastasis of Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos,

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