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16 But alla do it with meta gentleness prautēs and kai respect phobos, maintaining echō a clear agathos conscience syneidēsis, so that hina in en the very thing for which hos you are being slandered katalaleō, those ho who are reviling epēreazō your hymeis · ho good agathos conduct anastrophē in en Christ Christos will be put to shame kataischunō. 17 For gar it is better kreittōn to suffer paschō for doing good agathopoieō, if ei it is thelō · ho God’ s theos will thelēma, · ho than ē for doing evil kakopoieō. 18 Because hoti Christ Christos also kai suffered paschō once hapax for peri our sins hamartia, the righteous dikaios on behalf of hyper the unrighteous adikos, that hina he might lead prosagō you hymeis to ho God theos. He was put to death thanatoō in the flesh sarx but de made alive zōiopoieō in the spirit pneuma,

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