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10 At one time pote you hos were not ou a people laos, but de now nyn you are the people laos of God theos. You ho were shown no ou mercy eleeō, but de now nyn have received mercy eleeō.

11 Dear friends agapētos, I urge parakaleō you as hōs foreigners paroikos and kai exiles parepidēmos to abstain apechō from desires epithumia of the ho flesh sarkikos, which hostis wage war against kata your ho soul psychē, 12 and maintain echō an honorable kalos · ho lifestyle anastrophē among en the ho Gentiles ethnos so that hina, with respect to en the very things about which hos they slander katalaleō you hymeis as hōs evildoers kakopoios, they may , by ek observing epopteuō your ho good kalos works ergon, glorify doxazō · ho God theos on en the day hēmera of visitation episkopē.

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