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And Judas, that was called Maccabeus, the son of Mattathias, rose (up) for him.

And all his brethren helped him, and all that joined them(selves) to his father, and they fought the battle of Israel with gladness.

And he alarged (or enlarged) glory to his people, and clothed him(self) with an habergeon as a giant, and girt him(self) with his armours of battle in battles, and defended castles (or the host, or his army) with his sword.

He was made like a lion in his works, and as a whelp of a lion roaring in his hunting.

And he pursued wicked men, and sought them (out); and he burnt them in flames, that disturbed, or troubled, his people.

And his enemies were put aback for dread of him, and all workers of wickedness were troubled (al)together; and health was (ad)dressed in his hand (or deliverance was directed by his hand).

And he wrathed many kings, and gladded Jacob, that is, the people of Israel, in his works, and into (the) world (or forevermore) his mind (or his memory) is in blessing.

And he went through the cities of Judea, and lost (or destroyed) (the) unpious men of them, and turned away wrath from Israel.

And he was named till to the utmost of (the) earth, and he gathered men perishing.

10 And Apollonius gathered (the) folks, and from Samaria much virtue, and great (or a very great host, or army, from Samaria), for to fight against Israel.

11 And Judas knew, and went out against him, and smote, and slew him. And many wounded fell down, and the others fled;

12 and he took (the) preys of them. And Judas took away the sword of Apollonius, and was fighting therewith in all (his) days.

13 And Seron, (a) prince of the host of Syria, heard, that Judas gathered a gathering, and the church (or the congregation) of faithful men with him.

14 And he said, I shall make to me a name, and I shall be glorified in the realm, and I shall overcome Judas, and them that be with him, which despised the king’s word.

15 And he made ready him(self); and the castles (or the host) of unpious men, strong helpers, went up with him, for to do vengeance on the sons of Israel.

16 And they nighed (or approached) unto Beth-horon; and Judas went out against them, with (a) few men.

17 Forsooth as they saw the host coming to them in meeting, they said to Judas, How may we few (or How be we few able to), fight against so great (a) multitude, (and) so strong; and we be made weary by fasting this day?

18 And Judas said, It is light, either easy, that many be closed (up) (al)together in (the) hand(s) of (a) few; and difference is not in (the) sight of God of heaven, for to deliver in (or with) many either in (or with) (a) few; [And Judas saith, It is light, or easy, many for to be closed together in hand of few; and difference is not in the sight of God of heaven, for to deliver in many or in few;]

19 for not in (the) multitude of host is the victory of battle, but of (or from) heaven is strength.

20 They come to us in rebel multitude, and pride, for to destroy us, and our wives, and our sons, and for to rob us.

21 Forsooth we shall fight for our lives, and our laws;

22 and the Lord himself shall all-break them before our face; forsooth dread ye not them. [and he the Lord shall break them (al)together before our face; forsooth dread ye not them.]

23 Soothly as he ceased for to speak, he hurled into them suddenly; and Seron was all-broken, and his host, in the sight of him.

24 And he pursued him in the going down of Beth-horon, till into the field; and eight hundred men of them fell down, the others forsooth fled into the land of (the) Philistines.

25 And the dread of Judas, and of his brethren, and the inward fearedness, fell on all (the) heathen men in compass of them;

26 and the name of him came to the king, and all (the) folks told of the battles of Judas.

27 Soothly as king Antiochus heard these words, he was wroth in soul [or in inwit]; and he sent, and gathered the host of all his realm, full strong castles (yea, a very strong host, or army).

28 And he opened his treasury, and gave solds (or wages) to his host, into (or for) a year, and commanded them, that they should be ready to (or for) all things.

29 And (then) he saw, that money failed of (or from) his treasures, and (the) tributes of the country were little, for (the) dissention and vengeance that he did in the land, for to do away the lawful things that were of the first days.

30 And he dreaded, that he should not have as once and twice into (the) costs and gifts, which he had given before with (a) large hand; and he was rich [or abounded] over kings that were before him.

31 And he was astonied (or astonished) in soul greatly, and thought for to go into Persia, and for to take tributes of (or from) (the) countries, and for to gather much silver.

32 And (so) he left Lysias, a noble man of the king’s kin, on (or over) the king’s needs, from the flood Euphrates, till to the flood of Egypt (from the Euphrates River, unto the Nile River);

33 and that he should nourish (up) Antiochus, his son, till he came again.

34 And he betook to him the half of his host, and elephants, and commanded to him of all these things that he would (have done), and of (or about) (the) men inhabiting Judea and Jerusalem;

35 and that he should send to them a host, for to all-break, and to destroy utterly the virtue (or the strength) of Israel, and the reliefs, [or and the relics], (or the remnants) of Jerusalem, and for to do away the mind (or the memory) of them from (that) place;

36 and for to ordain (as) dwellers (the) sons (of) aliens in all the coasts of them, and by lot for to part the land of them. [and for to ordain aliens’ sons (as) dwellers in all the coasts of them, and by lot for to part the land of them.]

37 And the king took a part of the residue host, and went out of (or from) Antioch, (the) city of his realm, in the hundred and seven and fortieth year; and passed over the flood Euphrates, and went through the higher countries.

38 And Lysias chose Ptolemy, the son of Dorymenes and Nicanor, and Gorgias, mighty men of the king’s friends.

39 And he sent with them forty thousand of men, and seven thousand of horsemen, either knights, that they should come into the land of Judea, and destroy it, by [or after] the word of the king.

40 And they went forth, for to go with all their power; and they came, and landed (or encamped) at Emmaus, in the field land.

41 And (the) merchants of countries (or of the country) heard the name of them, and took silver and gold full much, and children (or servants), and came into castles (or to the camp), for to take the sons of Israel into servants (or slaves); and the hosts of Syria, and (of) the lands of aliens, were added to them.

42 And Judas saw, and his brethren, that evils were multiplied, and the host applied, or landed, (or encamped), at the coasts of them; and they knew the words of the king, which he commanded the people for to do, into perishing and ending.

43 And they said, each man to his neighbour, Raise we (up) the casting down of our people, and fight we for our people, and our holy things (or and for our Temple).

44 And (the) coming together of (the) host was gathered, for to be ready into battle, and for to pray, and ask (for) mercy, and (for) merciful doings [or and mercy doings].

45 And Jerusalem was not inhabited, but was as (a) desert; there was not that entered and went out, of (its) children thereof; and the holy thing was defouled (or and the Temple was defiled), and (the) sons of aliens were in the high tower, (yea), there was the dwelling of (the) heathen men; and the liking (or joy) was done away from Jacob, and pipe and harp failed there.

46 And they were gathered, and came into Mizpeh (over) against (or opposite) Jerusalem; for (the) place of prayer was in Mizpeh, sooner, (or earlier), [or before] then in Jerusalem.

47 And they fasted in that day, and clothed them(selves) with hair-shirts, and putted ashes in (or on) their head(s), and rent their clothes.

48 And they spreaded abroad (the) books of the law, (out) of the which (the) heathen men sought (the) likeness of their simulacra (or of their idols, or their images);

49 and they brought (the) ornaments of (the) priests, and (the) first fruits, and (the) tithes; and they raised (or stirred) (up) (the) Nazirites, that had [ful]filled (their) days.

50 And they cried with (a) great (or with a loud) voice to heaven, and said, [or saying], What shall we do to (or with) these, and whither shall we lead them?

51 And thine holy things be trodden, and defouled (or And thy Temple is trodden down, and defiled), and thy priests be made into mourning, and into casting down, either despising.

52 And lo! (the) nations came together against us, for to destroy us; thou knowest what things they think against us.

53 How shall we be able to withstand before the face of them, no but thou, God, help us?

54 And they cried in (or with) trumps, (and) with (a) great (or with a loud) voice.

55 And after these things Judas ordained dukes of the people, tribunes, that is, [one] leading a thousand, and centurions, (one) leading an hundred, and pentacontrarks, (one) leading fifty, and decurions, (one) leading ten.

56 And he said to these that builded houses, and wedded wives, and planted vineyards, and to dreadful men, that they should (re)turn again, each man into his house, by [or after] the law.

57 And they moved castles, either (the) host(s) of armed men, and they setted together at the south of Emmaus.

58 And Judas said, Be ye gird, and be ye mighty sons, and be ye ready in the morrowing, and (so) that ye fight against these nations, that came together for to destroy us, and our holy things (or and our Temple).

59 For better it is, that we die in battle, than for to see evils of our folk, and holy things (or and of our Temple). [For better is us for to die in battle, than for to see evil of our folk and holy things.]

60 Soothly as (the) will (of God) shall be in heaven, so be it done.