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1 Kings 8:35-37 Expanded Bible (EXB)

35 “When they sin against you, ·you will stop the rain from falling on their land [L the heavens will be shut and there will be no rain]. Then they will pray, facing this place and ·praising you [L confess your name]; they will stop sinning when you ·make them suffer [afflict them]. 36 ·When this happens [Then], please hear their prayer in heaven, and forgive the ·sins [or sin] of your servants, ·the Israelites [L your people Israel]. Teach them ·to do what is right [L the good way they should walk]. Then please send rain to this land you have given ·particularly to them [L your people for an inheritence].

37 “·At times the land will become so dry that no food will grow [If there is a famine in the land], or ·a great sickness will spread among the people [pestilence]. ·Sometimes all the crops will be destroyed by […or blight or mildew or] locusts or grasshoppers. ·Your people will be attacked in […or the people are besieged in the land of] their cities by their enemy or ·will become sick [struck by plague or sickness…].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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