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24 And the engraving under the brink compassed it, and compassed the sea by ten cubits/and it came about the sea by ten cubits; twain orders of gravings containing some stories were molten (two rows of knops, or of gourds, were cast together, and joined with the Sea),

25 and (it) stood upon twelve oxen; of which oxen three beheld to the north, and three to the west, and three to the south, and three to the east; and the sea was above upon those oxen, of which all the hinder things were hid within.

26 And the thickness of the sea was of four fingers, or a palm, and the brink thereof was as the brink of a cup (and its brim was like the brim of a cup), and as the leaf of a lily crooked again; the sea contained two thousand baths, that is, three thousand metretes.

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