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1 Kings 7:22-24 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

22 And he set upon the heads of the pillars a work by the manner of a lily; and (so) the work of the pillars was made perfect. (And on the very top of the pillars was lily work; and so the work of the pillars was finished, or completed.)

23 Also he made a molten sea, that is, a washing vessel for priests, round in compass, of ten cubits from brink to brink; the highness thereof was of five cubits; and a cord of thirty cubits went about it by compass. (And he cast the bronze Sea, that is, a washing vessel for the priests, and it was ten cubits across from brim to brim; its highness was five cubits; and it took a cord thirty cubits long to go all around it.)

24 And the engraving under the brink compassed it, and compassed the sea by ten cubits/and it came about the sea by ten cubits; twain orders of gravings containing some stories were molten (two rows of knops, or of gourds, were cast together, and joined with the Sea),


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