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15 And he made two pillars of brass, one pillar of eighteen cubits of height; and a line of twelve cubits compassed ever either pillar. (And he made two bronze pillars, each pillar eighteen cubits in height; and it took a cord twelve cubits long to go all around either pillar.)

16 Also he made two pommels, molten of brass, which were set on the heads of the pillars; one pommel of five cubits of height, and the tother pommel of five cubits of height; (And he cast two bronze capitals, which were set on the tops of the pillars; each capital was five cubits in height;)

17 and by the manner of a net, and of chains knit together to themselves, by wonderful work. Ever either pommel of the pillars was molten; seven works like nets of orders were in one pommel, and seven works like nets in the tother pommel. (and they were decorated with networks of chains knit together. Each capital for the pillars was cast; and seven rows of networks were on each capital.)

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