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1 Kings 6:4-6 New English Translation (NET Bible)

He made framed windows for the temple. He built an extension all around the walls of the temple’s main hall and Holy Place and constructed side rooms in it.[a] The bottom floor of the extension was 7½ feet[b] wide, the middle floor 9 feet[c] wide, and the third floor 10½ feet[d] wide. He made ledges[e] on the temple’s outer walls so the beams would not have to be inserted into the walls.[f]


  1. 1 Kings 6:5 tn Heb “and he built on the wall of the temple an extension all around, the walls of the temple all around, for the main hall and for the holy place, and he made side rooms all around.”
  2. 1 Kings 6:6 tn Heb “five cubits.”
  3. 1 Kings 6:6 tn Heb “six cubits.”
  4. 1 Kings 6:6 tn Heb “7 cubits.”
  5. 1 Kings 6:6 tn Or “offsets” (ASV, NAB, NASB, NRSV); NIV “offset ledges.”
  6. 1 Kings 6:6 tn Heb “so that [the beams] would not have a hold in the walls of the temple.”
New English Translation (NET)

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