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1 Kings 5:3-5 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

Thou knowest the will of David, my father, and for he might not build an house to the name of his God (Thou knowest the desire of my father David, and that he could not build a house in honour of the name of the Lord his God), for [the] battles nighing by compass, till the Lord gave them under the step of his feet.

But now my Lord God hath given rest to me by compass, and none adversary is, neither evil assailing; (But now the Lord my God hath given peace to me all around, and there is no adversary, nor evil, assailing me;)

wherefore I think to build a temple to the name of my Lord God, as God spake to David, my father, and said, Thy son, whom I shall give to thee for thee upon thy throne, he shall build an house to my name. (and so I shall build a Temple in honour of the name of the Lord my God, as God spoke to my father David, and said, Thy son, whom I shall put on thy throne in thy place, he shall build a House in honour of my name.)


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