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10 and send ye (in) privily two men, the sons of Belial, against him, and say they (this) false witnessing, Naboth hath blessed God, and the king[a], that is, hath cursed; and lead ye out him, and stone ye him, and die he so. (and privately, or stealthily, send ye in two men, the sons of Belial, opposite him, and then say they this false witness against him, Naboth hath cursed God, and the king; and then lead ye him out, and stone ye him, and so he shall die.)

11 Therefore his citizens, the greater men in birth, and the best men that dwelled with him in the city (And so his fellow citizens, the men of great age, that is, the elders, and the best men who lived with him in the city), did as Jezebel had commanded [to them], and as it was written in the letters, which she had sent to them.

12 They preached fasting, and made Naboth to sit among the first men of the people;

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  1. 1 Kings 21:10 That is, ‘cursed’, as in the 2nd chapter of Job, ‘Bless thou God, and die thou’; for the horror of cursing, (the) Jews signified it by the contrary name.