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12 When Ben-hadad received this message, he was drinking with other kings in the camp. He gave urgent instructions to his servants: “Get the army ready immediately. I’ve had enough of Ahab.” The army prepared for battle against the city. 13 About this time, a prophet entered into the presence of Ahab, who was Israel’s king.

Prophet: This is the Eternal’s message: “Have you laid eyes upon the great army that has risen up against you? They look like an impossible opponent, but observe what is about to take place. I am going to give you victory over them on this day. Then you will know that I am the Eternal One.”

Ahab: 14 I can’t comprehend how such a victory could occur. Their army is massive. How is this going to happen?

Prophet: This is the Eternal’s message: “The young officers of the provincial leaders will do it for you.”

Ahab: Who is going to begin the fight and lead us into battle?

Prophet: You are.

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