12 And when he heard that tidings, as he was with the kings drinking in the pavilions, he said unto the servants, [a]Bring forth your engines. And they set them against the city.

13 ¶ And behold, there came a Prophet unto Ahab king of Israel, saying, Thus saith the Lord, Hast thou seen all this great multitude? behold, I will deliver it into thine hand this day, that thou mayest know, [b]that I am the Lord.

14 And Ahab said, By whom? and he said, Thus saith the Lord, By the servants of the princes of the provinces. He said again, Who shall order the battle? and he answered, Thou.

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  1. 1 Kings 20:12 Or, put yourselves in order.
  2. 1 Kings 20:13 Before God went about with signs and miracles to pull Ahab from his impiety, and now again with wonderful victories.