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12 And it came to pass, when Ben-hadad heard this message, as he was drinking, he and the kings, in the [a]pavilions, that he said unto his servants, [b]Set yourselves in array. And they set themselves in array against the city.

13 And, behold, a prophet came near unto Ahab king of Israel, and said, Thus saith Jehovah, Hast thou seen all this great multitude? behold, I will deliver it into thy hand this day; and thou shalt know that I am Jehovah. 14 And Ahab said, By whom? And he said, Thus saith Jehovah, By the [c]young men of the princes of the provinces. Then he said, Who shall [d]begin the battle? And he answered, Thou.

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  1. 1 Kings 20:12 Or, huts
  2. 1 Kings 20:12 Or, Place the engines. And they placed the engines
  3. 1 Kings 20:14 Or, servants
  4. 1 Kings 20:14 Hebrew bind.