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1 Kings 1:51-53 Expanded Bible (EXB)

51 Then someone told Solomon, “Adonijah is afraid of you, so he is at the altar, holding on to its ·corners [L horns]. He says, ‘Tell King Solomon to promise me today that he will not ·kill me [L put his servant to death with the sword].’”

52 So Solomon answered, “·Adonijah must show that he is a man of honor. If he does that, I promise [If he is loyal/honorable/worthy,] he will not lose even a single hair from his head. But if ·he does anything wrong [he makes trouble; L evil is found in him], he will die.” 53 Then King Solomon sent some men to get Adonijah. When he was brought from the altar, he came before King Solomon and ·bowed down [prostrated himself]. Solomon told him, “Go home.”

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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