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1 Kings 14:22-24 New English Translation (NET Bible)

22 Judah did evil in the sight of[a] the Lord. They made him more jealous by their sins than their ancestors had done.[b] 23 They even built for themselves high places, sacred pillars, and Asherah poles on every high hill and under every green tree. 24 There were also male cultic prostitutes[c] in the land. They committed the same horrible sins as the nations[d] that the Lord had driven out from before the Israelites.


  1. 1 Kings 14:22 tn Heb “in the eyes of.”
  2. 1 Kings 14:22 tn Heb “and they made him jealous more than all which their fathers had done by their sins which they sinned.”
  3. 1 Kings 14:24 tc The Old Greek translation has “a conspiracy” rather than “male cultic prostitutes.”
  4. 1 Kings 14:24 tn Heb “they did according to all the abominable acts of the nations.”
New English Translation (NET)

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