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22 The people of Judah did ·what the Lord said was wrong [L evil in the eyes/sight of the Lord]. Their sins ·made the Lord very angry, even more angry than he had been at what [provoked/aroused his resentment/jealousy more than anything] their ancestors had done. 23 The people built ·places to worship gods [L high places; 3:2] and pillars and Asherah ·idols [poles; 14:15] on every high hill and under every ·green [luxuriant; spreading] tree. 24 There were even male prostitutes [C associated with pagan cults] in the land. They ·acted like [imitated/committed the detestable acts/abominations of] the people God had ·driven out of [dispossessed from] the land before the ·Israelites [L sons/T children of Israel].

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