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They are from[a] the world. For this reason they are speaking from the world, and the world is listening-to them. We are from God. The one knowing God is listening-to us. He who is not from God is not listening-to us. From this, we know the Spirit[b] of truth and the spirit of error[c].

Be Loving One Another, Because The Love Is From God

Beloved, let us be loving one another. Because the love[d] is from God! And everyone loving has been born[e] from God, and knows God.

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  1. 1 John 4:5 They belong to the world which is passing away. This is the source of their words.
  2. 1 John 4:6 Or, spirit.
  3. 1 John 4:6 Or, deception.
  4. 1 John 4:7 That is, this love, the love just mentioned. Or, love, in an abstract sense.
  5. 1 John 4:7 Or, fathered. This love flows from a living relationship with God.