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See what great potapos love agapē the ho Father patēr has given didōmi to us hēmeis, that hina we should be called kaleō children teknon of God theos and kai so we are eimi! The reason dia houtos the ho world kosmos does not ou know ginōskō us hēmeis is that hoti it did not ou know ginōskō him autos. Dear friends agapētos, at the present time nyn we are eimi children teknon of God theos, and kai it has not yet oupō been revealed phaneroō what tis we will be eimi. But we do know oida that hoti when ean he is revealed phaneroō we will be eimi like homoios him autos, because hoti we will see horaō him autos just as kathōs he is eimi. And kai everyone pas who ho has echō · ho this houtos hope elpis in epi him autos purifies hagnizō himself heautou, just as kathōs he ekeinos is eimi pure hagnos.

Everyone pas who ho makes poieō a practice of · ho sinning hamartia is poieō also kai breaking poieō the ho law anomia; indeed kai, · ho sin hamartia is eimi · ho lawlessness anomia. And kai you know oida that hoti he ekeinos appeared phaneroō to hina take away airō our ho sins hamartia, and kai that there is eimi no ou sin hamartia in en him autos. No ou one pas who ho abides menō in en him autos keeps on sinning hamartanō; no ou one pas who ho continues to sin hamartanō has either seen horaō him autos or oude known ginōskō him autos. Little children teknion, let no one mēdeis deceive planaō you hymeis. Whoever ho makes poieō it a practice to do what ho is right dikaiosynē is eimi righteous dikaios, just as kathōs he ekeinos is eimi righteous dikaios. The ho one who continues poieō to · ho sin hamartia is eimi of ek the ho devil diabolos, because hoti the ho devil diabolos has been sinning hamartanō from apo the beginning archē. The ho Son hyios of ho God theos appeared phaneroō for eis this houtos purpose that hina he might destroy lyō the ho works ergon of the ho devil diabolos. No ou one pas · ho born gennaō of ek · ho God theos makes a practice of poieō sinning hamartia, because hoti God’ s autos seed sperma abides menō in en him autos. · kai He cannot ou keep on sinning hamartanō, because hoti he has been born gennaō of ek · ho God theos. 10 By en this houtos the ho children teknon of ho God theos and kai the ho children teknon of the ho devil diabolos are eimi revealed phaneros: whoever pas · ho does not practice poieō righteousness dikaiosynē is eimi not ou of ek · ho God theos, nor kai is the ho one who does not love agapaō · ho his autos brother adelphos.

11 For hoti this houtos is eimi the ho message angelia that hos you heard akouō from apo the beginning archē: that hina we should love agapaō one another allēlōn. 12 We are not ou to be like kathōs Cain Kain who was eimi of ek the ho evil ponēros one and kai murdered sphazō · ho his autos brother adelphos. And kai why charin tis did he murder sphazō him autos? Because hoti · ho his own autos deeds ergon were eimi evil ponēros and de those ho of ho his autos brother adelphos were righteous dikaios. 13 So kai do not be surprised thaumazō, brothers adelphos, if ei the ho world kosmos hates miseō you hymeis. 14 We hēmeis know oida that hoti we have crossed over metabainō from ek · ho death thanatos to eis · ho life zōē, because hoti we love agapaō the ho brothers adelphos. Whoever ho does not love agapaō remains menō in en the ho realm of death thanatos. 15 Everyone pas who ho hates miseō · ho his autos brother adelphos is eimi a murderer anthrōpoktonos, and kai you know oida that hoti no ou murderer anthrōpoktonos has echō eternal aiōnios life zōē abiding menō in en him autos. 16 By en this houtos we have come to know ginōskō · ho love agapē: that hoti he ekeinos laid down tithēmi his autos life psychē on hyper our hēmeis behalf. · ho And kai we hēmeis are obligated opheilō to lay down tithēmi our ho lives psychē for hyper the ho brothers adelphos. 17 But de whoever hos has echō this ho world’ s kosmos · ho resources bios and kai sees theōreō · ho his autos fellow Christian adelphos in echō need chreia yet kai closes kleiō · ho his autos heart splanchnon against apo him autos, how pōs does the ho love agapē of ho God theos abide menō in en him autos?

18 Little children teknion, let us love agapaō, not in word logos or mēde · ho speech glōssa but alla in en action ergon and kai truth alētheia. 19 And kai by en this houtos we will know ginōskō that hoti we are eimi of ek the ho truth alētheia and kai will set peithō our hēmeis conscience kardia at rest peithō in emprosthen his autos presence, · ho 20 that hoti if ean our ho conscience kardia condemns kataginōskō us hēmeis, that hoti God theos is eimi greater megas · ho than ho our hēmeis conscience kardia and kai knows ginōskō all things pas. 21 Dear friends agapētos, if ean · ho our hēmeis conscience kardia does not condemn kataginōskō us, we have echō confidence parrēsia in the presence of pros · ho God theos, 22 and kai whatever hos ean we ask aiteō we receive lambanō from apo him autos, because hoti we keep tēreō · ho his autos commandments entolē and kai do poieō what ho is pleasing arestos in enōpion his autos sight.

23 And kai this houtos is eimi · ho his autos commandment entolē: that hina we believe pisteuō in the ho name onoma of ho his autos Son hyios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos and kai love agapaō one another allēlōn, just as kathōs he gave didōmi us hēmeis the commandment entolē. 24 And kai the ho one who keeps tēreō · ho his autos commandments entolē resides menō in en him autos, and kai he autos in en him autos. And kai by en this houtos we know ginōskō that hoti he abides menō in en us hēmeis: by ek the ho Spirit pneuma whom hos he has given didōmi to us hēmeis.

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