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19 They went out exerchomai from ek us hēmeis but alla they were eimi not ou of ek us hēmeis; for gar if ei they had been eimi of ek us hēmeis, they would an have continued menō with meta us hēmeis. But alla they went out from us that hina it might become plain phaneroō that hoti none ou of them are eimi of ek us hēmeis. 20 But kai you hymeis have echō an anointing chrisma from apo the ho Holy hagios One , and kai you all pas know oida the truth. 21 I write graphō to you hymeis, not ou because hoti you do not ou know oida the ho truth alētheia, but alla because hoti you do know oida it autos and kai because hoti no ou lie pseudos comes eimi from ek the ho truth alētheia.

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