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yet alla for us hēmeis there is but one heis God theos, the ho Father patēr, from ek whom hos are · ho all pas things and kai for eis whom autos we hēmeis exist, and kai one heis Lord kyrios, Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos, through dia whom hos are · ho all pas things and kai through dia whom autos we hēmeis exist.

However alla, not ou everyone pas has en this ho knowledge gnōsis. But de some tis, because in former times heōs they were · ho involved synētheia with · ho idols eidōlon, eat esthiō this food as hōs though it were an idol eidōlothutos sacrifice , and kai thus · ho their autos conscience syneidēsis, being eimi weak asthenēs, is defiled molynō. Food brōma · de does not ou bring us hēmeis close paristēmi to ho God theos. We are hystereō no oute worse hystereō if ean we do not eat esthiō, and oute no better perisseuō if ean we do esthiō.

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