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10 To the ho · de married gameō I give this command parangellō ( not ou I egō, but alla the ho Lord kyrios): a wife gynē should chōrizō not separate chōrizō from apo her husband anēr 11 ( however de if ean · kai she does chōrizō, let her remain menō unmarried agamos or ē else be reconciled katallassō to her ho husband anēr), and kai a husband anēr should aphiēmi not divorce aphiēmi his wife gynē.

12 To the ho · de rest loipos I say legō ( I egō, not ou the ho Lord kyrios): If ei some tis brother adelphos has echō a wife gynē who is not a believer apistos, and kai she houtos is willing syneudokeō to live oikeō with meta him autos, he should not divorce aphiēmi her autos.

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