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11 But de now nyn I am writing graphō to you hymeis not to associate with anyone ean tis who bears the name of onomazō brother adelphos if he is eimi a sexually pornos immoral or ē greedy pleonektēs person , an idolater eidōlolatrēs, slanderer loidoros, drunkard methysos, or ē swindler harpax not even mēde to eat with synesthiō · ho such a one toioutos. 12 For gar what tis business is it of mine egō to judge krinō · ho outsiders exō? Is it not ouchi those ho inside esō the church that you hymeis are to judge krinō? 13 But de God theos will judge krinō those ho outside exō. · ho Remove exairō the ho evil ponēros person from among ek you hymeis.”

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