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It is actually holōs reported akouō that there is sexual immorality porneia among en you hymeis, · kai a kind toioutos of immorality porneia that hostis is not oude tolerated even among en · ho Gentiles ethnos, for hōste a man tis is living in sin with echō his ho father’ s patēr wife gynē. And kai you hymeis are eimi arrogant physioō! · kai Ought you not ouchi rather mallon to have mourned pentheō, so hina that the ho man who did prassō this houtos deed ergon would be removed airō from ek your hymeis midst mesos? · ho

For gar though I egō am absent apeimi in ho body sōma, I am present pareimi · de in ho spirit pneuma; and I have already ēdē passed judgment krinō on the ho one who did katergazomai this houtos, just as hōs though I were present pareimi. When synagō you hymeis are assembled synagō in en the ho name onoma of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous and kai · ho I emos am with you in spirit pneuma, with syn the ho power dynamis of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous, hand paradidōmi this man toioutos over · ho to ho Satan Satanas for eis the destruction olethros of the ho flesh sarx, so that hina the ho spirit pneuma may be saved sōzō on en the ho Day hēmera of the ho Lord kyrios.

Your hymeis boasting kauchēma is not ou good kalos. · ho Do you not ou know oida that hoti a little mikros leaven zymē leavens zymoō the whole holos · ho batch phyrama of dough ? Get rid ekkathairō of the ho old palaios leaven zymē so that hina you may be eimi a new neos batch phyrama of dough , just kathōs as you really are eimi unleavened azymos. · kai For gar Christ Christos, · ho our hēmeis Passover pascha lamb , has been sacrificed thuō. So hōste let us celebrate heortazō the festival , not with en the old palaios leaven zymē, not mēde with en the leaven zymē of malice kakia and kai wickedness ponēria, but alla with en the unleavened azymos bread of sincerity eilikrineia and kai truth alētheia.

I wrote graphō to you hymeis in en my ho letter epistolē not to associate with sexually immoral people pornos 10 not ou at all pantōs meaning the ho sexually pornos immoral of ho this houtos world kosmos, or ē the ho greedy pleonektēs and kai swindlers harpax, or ē idolaters eidōlolatrēs, since epei then ara you would have opheilō to go exerchomai out ek of the ho world kosmos. 11 But de now nyn I am writing graphō to you hymeis not to associate with anyone ean tis who bears the name of onomazō brother adelphos if he is eimi a sexually pornos immoral or ē greedy pleonektēs person , an idolater eidōlolatrēs, slanderer loidoros, drunkard methysos, or ē swindler harpax not even mēde to eat with synesthiō · ho such a one toioutos. 12 For gar what tis business is it of mine egō to judge krinō · ho outsiders exō? Is it not ouchi those ho inside esō the church that you hymeis are to judge krinō? 13 But de God theos will judge krinō those ho outside exō. · ho Remove exairō the ho evil ponēros person from among ek you hymeis.”

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