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The ho one who speaks laleō in a tongue glōssa edifies oikodomeō himself heautou, but de the ho one who prophesies prophēteuō edifies oikodomeō the church ekklēsia. Now de I would like thelō all pas of you hymeis to speak laleō in tongues glōssa, but de even more mallon to hina prophesy prophēteuō. The ho one who prophesies prophēteuō is greater megas · de than ē the ho one who speaks laleō in tongues glōssa, unless ektos ei he interprets diermēneuō so that hina the ho church ekklēsia may receive lambanō edification oikodomē.

But de as it is nyn, brothers adelphos, if ean I come erchomai to pros you hymeis speaking laleō in tongues glōssa, how tis will I benefit ōpheleō you hymeis unless ean mē I impart laleō to you hymeis some ē revelation apokalypsis or ē knowledge gnōsis or ē prophecy prophēteia or ē teaching didachē?

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