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The ones who speak in different languages are ·helping [edifying; building up] only themselves, but those who prophesy are ·helping [edifying; building up] the whole church. I wish all of you ·had the gift of speaking in different kinds of languages [L spoke in tongues; v. 2], but more, I wish you would prophesy. Those who prophesy are greater than those who ·can only speak in different languages [L speak in tongues; v. 2]—unless someone ·is there who can explain what is said [L interprets (the tongues)] so that the whole church can be ·helped [edified; built up].

Brothers and sisters, how will it help you if I come to you speaking in ·different languages [L tongues; v. 2], unless I bring you a ·new truth [revelation] or ·some new knowledge [L knowledge], or prophecy, or teaching?

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