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13 If ean I speak laleō in the ho tongues glōssa of ho men anthrōpos and kai of ho angels angelos, but de do echō not have echō love agapē, I am ginomai a resounding ēcheō gong chalkos or ē a clanging alalazō cymbal kymbalon. And kai if ean I have echō the gift of prophecy prophēteia, and kai understand oida · ho all pas mysteries mystērion and kai all pas · ho knowledge gnōsis, and kai if ean I have echō all pas · ho faith pistis so that hōste I can remove methistēmi mountains oros, but de do echō not have echō love agapē, I am eimi nothing outheis. If I kan give away psōmizō everything pas · ho I egō own hyparchō, and kai if ean I surrender paradidōmi · ho my egō body sōma to hina be burned kauchaomai, but de do echō not have echō love agapē, it benefits me ōpheleō nothing oudeis.

· ho Love agapē is patient makrothumeō, love agapē is kind chrēsteuomai, · ho it does not ou envy zēloō. · ho Love agapē does not ou brag perpereuomai, it is not ou arrogant physioō, it is not ou rude aschēmoneō, it is not ou self-seeking zēteō, · ho it is not ou easily angered paroxynō, it keeps no ou account logizomai of ho wrongs kakos, it takes no ou pleasure chairō in epi · ho wrongdoing adikia, but de rejoices synchairō in the ho truth alētheia. Love bears stegō all pas things , believes pisteuō all pas things , hopes elpizō all pas things , endures hypomenō all pas things .

· ho Love agapē never oudepote comes to an end piptō. But de if eite there are prophecies prophēteia, they will be set aside katargeō; if eite there are tongues glōssa, they will cease pauō; if eite there is knowledge gnōsis, it will be set aside katargeō. For gar we know ginōskō in ek part meros and kai we prophesy prophēteuō in ek part meros, 10 but de when hotan what ho is complete teleios comes erchomai, the ho partial ek meros will be set aside katargeō. 11 When hote I was eimi a child nēpios, I talked laleō like hōs a child nēpios, I thought phroneō like hōs a child nēpios, I reasoned logizomai like hōs a child nēpios. When hote I became ginomai a man anēr, I set aside katargeō childish nēpios ways ho. · ho 12 For gar the present arti we are looking blepō through dia a mirror esoptron obscurely en ainigma, but de then tote face prosōpon to pros face prosōpon. Now arti I know ginōskō in ek part meros; then tote · de I will know fully epiginōskō, just as kathōs · kai I have been fully known epiginōskō. 13 And de now nyni remain menō faith pistis, hope elpis, and love agapē; · ho these houtos three treis. And de the greatest megas of these houtos is · ho love agapē.

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