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11 Be ginomai imitators mimētēs of me egō, as kathōs I also kagō am of Christ Christos.

I commend epaineō · de you hymeis because hoti you remember mimnēskomai me egō in everything pas and kai hold firmly to katechō the ho traditions paradosis just as kathōs I passed them on paradidōmi to you hymeis. But de I want thelō you hymeis to understand oida that hoti the ho head kephalē of every pas man anēr is eimi · ho Christ Christos, and de the head kephalē of a wife gynē is her ho husband anēr, and de the head kephalē of ho Christ Christos is · ho God theos. Any pas man anēr who prays proseuchomai or ē prophesies prophēteuō with echō his head kephalē covered kata disgraces kataischunō · ho his autos head kephalē, but de any pas wife gynē who prays proseuchomai or ē prophesies prophēteuō with her ho head kephalē uncovered akatakalyptos disgraces kataischunō · ho her autos head kephalē, for gar it is eimi one heis and kai the ho same autos as a woman ho who has her head shaved xyraō. For gar if ei a woman gynē will not ou cover katakalyptō her head, · kai she should cut her hair short keirō. But de if ei it is disgraceful aischros for a woman gynē · ho to have her hair cut short keirō or ē have her head shaved xyraō, she should cover her head katakalyptō. For gar a man anēr should opheilō not ou have his ho head kephalē covered katakalyptō, since he is hyparchō the image eikōn and kai glory doxa of God theos, but de · ho woman gynē is eimi the glory doxa of man anēr. For gar man anēr did not ou come eimi from ek woman gynē, but alla woman gynē from ek man anēr. · kai Neither ou was man anēr created ktizō for dia · ho woman gynē, but alla woman gynē for dia · ho man anēr. 10 For dia this houtos reason a woman gynē ought opheilō · ho to have echō a sign of authority exousia on epi her ho head kephalē, because dia of the ho angels angelos. 11 Nevertheless plēn, in en the Lord kyrios woman gynē is not oute independent chōris of man anēr nor oute is man anēr independent chōris of woman gynē; 12 for gar just as hōsper the ho woman gynē came from ek · ho man anēr, so houtōs also kai the ho man anēr now comes through dia · ho woman gynē. · ho And de all pas things come from ek · ho God theos. 13 Judge krinō for en yourselves hymeis autos: is it eimi proper prepō for a wife gynē to pray proseuchomai to ho God theos with her head uncovered akatakalyptos? 14 Does not oude · ho nature physis itself autos teach didaskō you hymeis that hoti if ean a man anēr has long hair komaō, it is eimi a disgrace atimia for him autos, 15 but de if ean a woman gynē has long hair komaō, it is eimi her autos glory doxa? For hoti her ho long hair komē is given didōmi to her autos for anti a covering peribolaion. 16 If ei · de anyone tis is inclined dokeō to be eimi quarrelsome philoneikos, we hēmeis have echō no ou such toioutos practice synētheia, nor oude do the ho churches ekklēsia of ho God theos.

17 But de in giving parangellō the following houtos instructions parangellō I do not ou commend epaineō you, because hoti when you come together synerchomai it is not ou for eis the ho better kreittōn but alla for eis the ho worse hēssōn. 18 For gar in the first prōton place , I hear akouō that when you hymeis gather synerchomai as en a church ekklēsia there are hyparchō divisions schisma among en you hymeis, and kai in part meros I believe pisteuō it tis, 19 for gar there must dei be eimi · kai factions hairesis among en you hymeis so that hina · kai it may become ginomai clear phaneros who ho among en you hymeis are genuine dokimos. 20 Therefore oun when you hymeis gather synerchomai in epi the ho assembly autos, it is eimi not ou to eat esthiō a supper deipnon in honor of the Lord kyriakos. 21 For gar when en it comes time to eat esthiō, each hekastos one goes ahead with prolambanō · ho his idios own supper deipnon; and kai one hos remains hungry peinaō while de another hos becomes drunk methyō. 22 Can it be that you do echō not ou have echō houses oikia in eis which ho to eat esthiō and kai drink pinō? Or ē are you trying to show contempt for kataphroneō the ho church ekklēsia of ho God theos by kai humiliating kataischunō those ho who have echō nothing ? What tis should I say legō to you hymeis? Should I commend epaineō you hymeis? For en this houtos I will not ou commend epaineō you.

23 For gar I egō received paralambanō from apo the ho Lord kyrios that which hos I also kai passed paradidōmi on to you hymeis: that hoti the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous on en the ho night nyx when hos he was betrayed paradidōmi took lambanō bread artos, 24 and kai after giving thanks eucharisteō, he broke klaō it, and kai said legō, “ This houtos is eimi my egō · ho body sōma which ho is for hyper you hymeis. Do poieō this houtos in eis · ho remembrance of anamnēsis me emos.” 25 In the same way hōsautōs, he took the ho cup potērion also kai, after meta · ho supper deipneō, saying legō, “ This houtos · ho cup potērion is eimi the ho new kainos covenant diathēkē in en · ho my emos blood haima. Do poieō this houtos, as often as hosakis you drink pinō it, in eis · ho remembrance of anamnēsis me emos.” 26 For gar as often as hosakis you eat esthiō · ho this houtos bread artos and kai drink pinō this ho cup potērion, you proclaim katangellō the ho Lord’ s kyrios death thanatos · ho until achri hos he comes erchomai.

27 Whoever hos, therefore hōste, eats esthiō this ho bread artos or ē drinks pinō this ho cup potērion of the ho Lord kyrios in an unworthy manner anaxiōs will be eimi guilty enochos of the ho body sōma and kai · ho blood haima of the ho Lord kyrios. 28 A person anthrōpos should examine dokimazō · de himself heautou, then kai, and so houtōs eat esthiō of ek the ho bread artos and kai drink pinō of ek the ho cup potērion. 29 For gar the ho one who eats esthiō and kai drinks pinō without discerning diakrinō the ho body sōma eats esthiō and kai drinks pinō judgment krima on himself heautou. 30 That is why dia many polys of en you hymeis are weak asthenēs and kai sick arrōstos, and kai quite a few hikanos are dead koimaō. 31 But de if ei we had been examining diakrinō ourselves heautou, we would an not ou come under judgment krinō. 32 But de when we are judged krinō by hypo the ho Lord kyrios, we are being corrected by discipline paideuō, so that hina we will katakrinō not be condemned katakrinō along with syn the ho world kosmos.

33 So then hōste, my egō brothers adelphos, when you come together synerchomai to eis eat esthiō, wait for ekdechomai one another allēlōn. 34 If ei anyone tis is hungry peinaō, he should eat esthiō at en home oikos, so that hina when you come together synerchomai it does not lead to eis judgment krima. I will give directions diatassō about · ho · de other loipos matters when hōs I come erchomai.

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