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and Bela son of Azaz, son of Shema, son of Joel -- he is dwelling in Aroer, even unto Nebo and Baal-Meon;

and at the east he dwelt even unto the entering in of the wilderness, even from the river Phrat, for their cattle were multiplied in the land of Gilead.

10 And in the days of Saul they have made war with the Hagarites, who fall by their hand, and they dwell in their tents over all the face of the east of Gilead.

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and Bela son of Azaz, the son of Shema, the son of Joel. They settled in the area from Aroer(A) to Nebo(B) and Baal Meon.(C) To the east they occupied the land up to the edge of the desert that extends to the Euphrates(D) River, because their livestock had increased in Gilead.(E)

10 During Saul’s reign they waged war against the Hagrites(F), who were defeated at their hands; they occupied the dwellings of the Hagrites throughout the entire region east of Gilead.

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