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Joab Destroys the Ammonites(A)

20 In the ·spring [L turning of the year], the time of year when kings normally went out to ·battle [war], Joab led out the army of Israel. But David stayed in Jerusalem. The army of Israel ·destroyed [ravaged; laid waste] the land of Ammon and went to the city of Rabbah and ·attacked it [lay siege to it; tore it down]. David took the crown off the head of ·their king [or Milcom; C the god of the Ammonites], and had it placed on his own head. That gold crown weighed ·about seventy-five pounds [L one talent], and it ·had valuable gems in it [was set with precious stones]. And David took ·many valuable things [a great amount of plunder/spoil] from the city.

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